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Daystar RetainMaster

Retaining wall design that is quick, easy, and accurate is a top priority on any project. Daystar RetainMaster is all this and more.

Whether your retaining wall is poured concrete, masonry block, or both, Daystar RetainMaster can handle it. Poured concrete and concrete masonry can be used in the same wall and the wall thickness and reinforcing can be varied along the wall height.  In addition, the wall can be cantilevered or restrained.

Apply vertical point, horizontal point, moment, horizontal distributed, active and passive pressures, hydrostatic, surcharge, and soil slope loads to your walls. As you add loads, they appear on the wall, so you immediately know that they are where you want them.

Easily change the footing and wall dimensions, physical properties, and loads by simply double-clicking on them and entering the new information.

Take a look at our technical support and licensing.  We don't tie you down to one computer and we are always there to help.

Daystar RetainMaster Features

  • Analysis and design of reinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls.
  • Wall, footing and key design.
  • Walls can be cantilevered or restrained and the restraint can be set anywhere along the height of the wall.
  • Walls can be tapered or straight and consist of both concrete and masonry.
  • Specify reinforcement or have RetainMaster calculate it for you.
  • Embedment lengths are calculated.
  • Suggested temperature and shrinkage steel.
  • IBC 2009 through 2018 and associated ASCE 7, ACI 530 and ACI 318 codes.
  • Rankine, Coulomb, Equivalent Fluid Pressure or At Rest soil loads.
  • Vertical point, horizontal point, horizontal distributed, moment, active and passive pressures, hydrostatic, surcharge, and soil slope loads.
  • Built in standard and alternate building code load combinations.
  • English or SI units.
  • Full and summary reports.
  • On-line help.

Example Reports

Full Report
Summary Report
Controlling Diagrams Report

Screen Shots