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General FAQ

How does your desktop software licensing work?

Our licensing is based on concurrent usage. You can install it on as many computers as you want but can only have as many concurrent users as licenses that you own. In other words if you have one license then only one user at a time can use the software. Two licenses means two users at a time.

Is my desktop software license tied to one computer?

No.  When you change computers you can uninstall it from your old computer and install it on your new computer.

Does your desktop software require a hardware key or software licensing software?

No.  Our desktop software does not require a hardware key, licensing server nor any other annoying licensing software.

How long do I receive technical support?

We believe in supporting our products. You will receive free unlimited technical support for as long as you own our products. No per call charges and no yearly fees are required.  This is important because with most software you have to pay yearly maintenance to continue to receive technical support.

Do you require yearly maintenance fees for your desktop software?

No.  You will receive free unlimited technical support for as long as you own our products.  When we release major upgrades such as version 2 to version 3 we charge a reasonable update fee.

What is your desktop software update policy?

You will receive free updates to our desktop software such as Daystar RetainMaster for one year after your purchase.  In addition, after one year you will still receive updates to your major version for as long as you own it.  In other words, if you have version and we release version or you will receive this update for free no matter how long you have had version  If you wish to update to a newer major version, such as 2.0 to 3.0, after the one year period there will be a reasonable update fee.  You will continue to receive technical support regardless of whether or not you pay the update fee.