Most software companies claim that their software is the easiest to use. While this is easy to say, most of our competitors do not have engineers on their staff specially trained in the science of Human Factors and User Interface Design. Daystar Software does.


Our Usability Engineering group is led by a specialist with an advanced degree in Human Factors Engineering. Instead of just guessing that our interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, we apply proven Human Factors and Ergonomics principles to our designs.


There are several other things that set Daystar Software apart from our competitors. Daystar Software is developed and tested by Registered Professional Engineers which helps us understand your needs and the way you work. Additionally, our software is designed for Windows - it is not a DOS port or simply a Windows preprocessor front end to a DOS program. This allows us to give you time saving Windows-specific features that work the way you expect Windows programs to work. Many of our competitors do not follow accepted Windows standards and instead make up their own way of doing things. This slows you down as you relearn their programs every time you use them.


That's why our software truly is "easiest to use".


So, the next time a company claims that their software is the easiest to use, ask them if they have specialists with the latest training in Human Interface Design on their staff - or do they just have a programmer who looks at the interface and says "Looks easy to me."