Multiframe Tutorials

The "Learning Multiframe" introductory training will take you through all the basics of working in Multiframe 2D, 3D and 4D:

  • exploring the user interface, how to customize windows to optimize your productivity in the software
  • modelling frames in the Frames window
  • applying restraints
  • applying point and distributed loads
  • analyzing the structure
  • working with the analysis results,
  • visualising the structure in the Plot window
  • working in 3D, including:
    • clipping
    • 3D view
    • rendering
    • duplicate and extrude modelling tools
    • creating an animation

You can access the Learning Multiframe tutorials by downloading the Learning Multiframe Installer. When the download is finished double click on the learningmultiframe.exe file and follow the instructions. This installs all videos and sample designs on your computer.