Daystar RetainWall FAQ

Why is Daystar RetainWall no longer listed as a product?

With the release of Daystar we have moved all of the functionality of Daystar RetainWall to Daystar The last update and documentation will still be available on our web site but we will no longer update Daystar RetainWall.

Do you support Windows Vista?

Daystar RetainWall is officially supported on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Which building codes are included in Daystar RetainWall?

Daystar RetainWall includes the IBC 2000, UBC 91, 94, & 97, BOCA 93, SBCCI 91 & 94, ACI 530-92, ACI 318-89, ACI 318-95, & ACI 318-99 building codes.