Shaw University Wellness Center

In the design office of Dr. Wayne Place at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, innovation in structural design takes pride of place. One recent example of this has been his investigations into an optimal design for a new multi-purpose arena at nearby Shaw University

Steel Stadium Rendering

The 12,000 square meter Wellness Center hosts all of the sports medicine, sports administration, gym classes, and intercollegiate sports activities for the University. At the heart of the center is a basketball and multipurpose arena covered by a roof spanning 70 meters. The roof is a steel network structure with an innovative geometry designed to admit highly controlled natural light for illumination activities of the arena interior.

Steel Stadium Analysis and Design

Multiframe was used to generate, visualize, and perform preliminary structural evaluation of a variety of alternative geometries for the structure and then was used to do a detailed, multistage, structural optimization of the final network geometry.