Kajima Corporation

Fuji Steel BuildingKajima Corporation in Tokyo is one of the most respected design and construction companies in Japan. Established over 100 years ago, the company has a long history of innovative design and construction projects. They were responsible for some of the facilities at the Nagano Winter Olympics and build high rise and power generation projects throughout Japan. The company has over 13,000 employees and offices around the world.


Shaw University Wellness Center

In the design office of Dr. Wayne Place at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, innovation in structural design takes pride of place. One recent example of this has been his investigations into an optimal design for a new multi-purpose arena at nearby Shaw University

Steel Stadium Rendering

The 12,000 square meter Wellness Center hosts all of the sports medicine, sports administration, gym classes, and intercollegiate sports activities for the University. At the heart of the center is a basketball and multipurpose arena covered by a roof spanning 70 meters. The roof is a steel network structure with an innovative geometry designed to admit highly controlled natural light for illumination activities of the arena interior.

Hawkins Engineering

Although most users of Multiframe use the suite of programs for preliminary and detailed structural design, there are also a large number of construction companies using Multiframe for design and investigation of construction procedures and temporary site works. Peter Hawkins of Hawkins Engineering is a consultant specializing in construction methods using the principles of "Value Engineering" to help his clients deliver maximum customer benefit for least cost.

Concrete Tower Design

Taylor & Herbert Consultants

Dynamic Building AnalysisOne of the most impressive projects in which Multiframe has played a crucial part, has been the design and construction of the 50 story Century Tower in Sydney, Australia. Structural design consultants Bert Taylor and Karl Matezic have used Multiframe on a number of structures ranging from a small timber replica of Monet's footbridge to formwork structures for a giant gravity oil platform. None however has provided as great a design challenge and requirement for computational power as the Century Tower project.