A new cloud based approach to structural engineering software
  • Nothing to download.
  • Nothing to install.
  • Nothing to update.
  • Simply open a browser, login, and start working.
Full featured software
Each design module is as full featured as our competitors stand alone software. These modules are not the inflexible spreadsheet type software you see elsewhere.
Current modules include:
  Retaining Walls
  • Cantilevered/Restrained Concrete and Masonry Retaining Walls
  • Tapered Cantilevered/Restrained Concrete Retaining Walls
  Masonry Walls
  • Allowable Stress and Strength/Slender Wall Design
  • Pinned-Pinned, Fixed-Pinned, Fixed Only Analysis
  • Wall and Parapet Design
  Masonry Columns
  • Allowable Stress & Strength Design
  • Vertical Point, Moment, Horizontal Point and Horizontal Distributed Loads
  • Pinned-Pinned, Fixed-Pinned & Fixed-Free Restraints
Freedom to work anywhere
We all use multiple computers. With Daystar you won’t have to remember which computer has which software and where your data is stored. All calculations are stored on our servers so when you login your past calculations will be right there. If you do want to save your results to a local computer you can do that with a push of a button.
Always the latest version
You never have to check to see if you have the latest version. When we update the software you will automatically have it the next time you login.
No licensing issues
Use the software on any computer at anytime -- usage is not tied to a particular computer or network. With Daystar, licensing issues are a thing of the past.
Try it now
Go to for more information and try a fully working demo.